(Ages 40+)


Classy Confidantes represents mature women within the experience years of life.  They are our role models! 
These women have ‘been there & done that’ ALREADY; however, it is imperative that these women Don’t Stop – taking into consideration that the younger generations are modeling their behaviors in the home, community and business endeavors. 

Therefore, via the S4S Advancement Program, the Classy Confidantes are provided with the necessary tools to ensure they will be forever empowered to advance in their personal endeavors; resulting in generational legacy.  As Classy Confidantes intentionally engage with the continual passing of the torch of wisdom, virtue and truth, they will leave a lasting impression on the girls and women following in their footsteps. 

The S4S 12-Month Advancement Program Includes:

  • Attitude Advancement (Jan): ‘Attitude Is Altitude’; therefore, it’s crucial to adjust our attitudes daily to positivity. This curriculum vows to deal with ‘stinkin thinkin’!
  • Community Advancement (Feb): Community is where the heart resides; therefore, it’s imperative to encourage the S4S to actively participate in the core of society.
  • Creative Advancement (Mar): Without a doubt, we were created to ‘create’; therefore, this session will be all about embracing our creative genius.
  • Domestic Advancement (Apr): The Proverbs 31 woman was indeed ‘every woman’; therefore, this curriculum will empower S4S members to effectively handle household affairs: cooking, cleaning, sewing and balancing life while making yourself a priority.
  • Educational Advancement (May): Education is the key that unlocks opportunities; therefore, this session will emphasize the importance of continuing education.
  • Emotional Advancement (June): Being emotional is a part of the female component; however, our emotions cannot rule our lives. This curriculum will provide a structured checks and balances to keep us off of the emotional rollercoaster.
  • Entrepreneurial Advancement  (July): Everyone is not wired for 9-5; therefore, this session will engage S4S members in ‘all things business’ from idea to implementation.
  • Personal Advancement  (Aug): Before we can change the world, we must start with the ‘man in the mirror’; therefore, this curriculum is all about self-love & self-respect.
  • Relationship Advancement (Sept): Relationships rule the world; therefore, this session is dedicated to dealing with the evolution & dissolution of relationships.
  • Recreation Advancement (Oct):’Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’; therefore, this curriculum will motivate the S4S members to not only work hard, but play harder!
  • Spiritual Advancement (Nov): God Almighty is in full control and when we come to this realization, we are granted the ability to simply ‘Let Go & Let God!’ This session will awaken our souls to trust God even at times when we can’t trace Him.
  • Wellness Advancement (Dec): Being healthy provides the capacity to not just have life, but live life abundantly. Therefore, this curriculum catapults S4S into health & wellness living.

The 12-Month 4Core Curriculum will launch April 09, 2017 – March 25, 2018.

Training will be hosted every 2nd & 4th Sunday of the month at 5:30-8:30 PM

Mothers & Daughters will train concurrently; however, breakout sessions will occur accordingly for each workshop.  

@ theHELPstudios * 2435 Squire Place * Suite 100 * Farmers Branch, TX 75234

*Only S4S Members Can Participate in the 4Core Curriculum

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